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Research has always been a priority of the PronoKal Group® as a committed company.

Investigación y desarrollo

We therefore engage in extensive R&D in methods, products and services, from the research and development of new treatment methods and a more extensive line of products, to the development of new services in order to address the needs, demands and concerns of our patients.

This important R&D activity shows our commitment to excellence and ongoing improvement:

  • R&D in methods:
    • Our primary commitment is to respond to the needs of doctors and patients in the treatment and prevention of overweight and obesity, adapting these solutions to different patient profiles.
  • R&D in products:
    • PronoKal Group® is continually working to develop new products and improve existing ones.
    • PronoKal® products are made with high quality raw materials (High Biological Value proteins):
      •  European Directive 96/8EC on foods intended for use in energy-restricted diets for weight reduction, states that products must contain a CI of at least 80% of the reference protein.
      • PronoKal Group® has gone beyond this, ensuring 15 g of protein with a CI of 140% in their products, guaranteeing the ideal amount of amino acids to cover all of the body's requirements.
    • Our production and distribution processes are of the highest quality: PronoKal Group® uses a sophisticated traceability system for all of their products, thus offering greater safety, quality and rigour, as well as a commitment to 48-hour product delivery.
  • R&D in services:
    • All of our medical treatments include personalised attention from our multidisciplinary team, and we are working continuously to improve these services with the aim of helping the patient reach their goals.
    • The company makes a commitment to excellence with the patient in the application of its protocols, with a Department of Excellence which oversees that this indeed takes place, from proper application of the method and products sales to ongoing training for all company employees and collaborators.

In addition to R&D, significant investment is made in our own research through scientific studies which prove the safety and effectiveness of our methods.

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