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The primary mission of the PronoKal Group® is to offer effective solutions to help the patients to reach their weight-loss goal and maintain the results over time, as well as to aid in the prevention of overweight and obesity.

It is well known that overweight and obesity are chronic diseases which have reached the level of a global epidemic. We must therefore make people aware of the need to stick to healthy lifestyle habits which will enable them to enjoy a good quality of life. In order to achieve this, we are working in two different areas:

  1. Raising awareness among the population of the problems posed by obesity and overweight.
  2. Helping to improve weight-loss results, ensuring long-term maintenance.

Added to these goals of prevention and awareness, we are also working in the fight against obesity-related pathologies. We are working day by day to achieve two goals:

  1. To ensure that our method is followed correctly, wich will lead to effective weight loss and the accompanying improvement of related pathologies.
  2. To research new products which, thanks to their innovative formulas, can help to improve specific comorbidities.

As part of our commitment to constant development, PronoKal Group® also provides extensive ongoing training for the doctors and professionals who work with our method.

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