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About us

PronoKal Group® is a multinational company specialised in medical weight-loss treatments using the Protein Diet. The group has extensive experience in the sector and is present in 15 countries in Europe and America.

The primary aim of the PronoKal Group® is to offer tools for the treatment and prevention of overweight and

The various medical treatments used by the PronoKal Group® for weight loss and long-term weight-loss maintenance based on the Protein Diet are adapted to different patient profiles:

  • The PronoKal® Method is designed for overweight and obese patients, and is followed under medical supervision. It is a method in which the patient recieves support from dietitian, physical activity trainers and coaching experts throughout the entire program, the goal of which is to help the patient to lose weight and to maintain it in the long term. This is achieved through a change in dietary habits, physical activity and patient lifestyle, with the ongoing support of our multidisciplinary team and a monitoring period once the patient has reached their weight-loss goal.
  • The DiaproKal® Method is specifically aimed at overweight patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM), or prediabetics, i.e patients who suffer from diabesity, and it is followed under medical supervision. The DiaproKal® Method is followed under the supervision of a team of dietitian-nutritionists specialised in diabetes, physical activity technicians and coaching professionals.

We define our medical weight-loss treatments as "methods", as they comprise a complete programme which includes various professionals and which follows a specific methodology through a series of phases. The ultimate goal of this methodology is weight loss and long-term maintenance of the results, as well as to help the patient modify their habits and adopt a new, healthier lifestyle. All of our methods include products and services specifically aimed at addressing the needs of various pathologies patients may suffer, and are adapted to the particular characteristics of each country.

Our methodology for tackling overweight and obesity is shown here:

Our team