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External Responsibility

Fundación PronoKal Group®

Our primary social commitment is to promote access to proper and healthy nutrition to those for whom it is currently not available. PronoKal Group® does this through Fundación PronoKal Group®, a non-profit organisation which collaborates on humanitarian projects.

The Fundación PronoKal Group® is a new organisation which began work in 2010. Its activities include helping the community in nutrition-related areas, in addition to informing society and raising awareness of the importance of following a healthy, balanced diet in order to stay healthy. 


In addition to the Fundación PronoKal Group ®, the company carries out social campaigns in which all of our workers can participate in order to help the most needy. An example is the remodelling of a shelter in Barcelona (Spain) with the motto: "Together we can make many dreams come true every day." 

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