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PnK® Method

Lipoinflammation is an inflammatory process of the cells in fatty tissue, leading to a chronic inflammatory state in obese or overweight people. The inflammation is not visible from the outside, but it is directly linked to obesity and a tendency to regain weight after a diet.

The New PnK® Method is a medical weight-loss treatment designed specifically to solve lipoinflammation, helping to:

  •  Lose weight safely and efficiently in the short term.
  •  See the whole treatment through, from beginning to end.
  • Not regain the weight lost.

And all of this thanks to a specific multidiscipline methodology and the exclusive ProteinDHA®  formula, which includes:

  •  Dietetic guidelines with ProteinDHA®
  • A DHA supplement (omega-3 fatty acid)
  • Specific physical exercise with an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Psycho-emotional support

The method has been developed based on the research carried out by PronoKal Group® in accordance with scientific evidence published in recent years on obesity and weight loss.