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DiaproKal® Method

DiaproKal® Method - Woman smiling The DiaproKal® Method, based on the Protein Diet, was designed specifically for overweight patients with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, i.e. patients suffering from diabesity. The DiaproKal® Method is a personalised, medically-supervised weight loss treatment divided into phases, prescribed by specially trained prescribing doctors, a team of specialised dietitian-nutritionists and physical activity and coaching experts.

Diabesity is a new term used in the health world to describe the condition of patients suffering from both diabetes and obesity. An increasing number of patients end up suffering from type 2 diabetes as a result of their obesity, and vice versa.

The method of treating diabesity is based on two primary objectives:

  1. Weight loss, in particular, waist circumference (WC) reduction.
  2. Lowering blood sugar levels.

Significant lifestyle changes are required in order to achieve these goals. This means following a proper diet and increasing the amount of physical activity with the support of a coach, who will help to give us confidence in our possibilities of facing this challenge successfully.

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